How to Choose the Perfect Carpet 

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Carpeting is not just for improving the overall appearance of your house. It’s also for provide a comfortable space for everyone, especially for the kids who love to play around. It is capable of absorbing the sounds that the foot traffic creates and provides warmth to your feet. That’s why choosing the best carpet is difficult and time consuming because you have to consider the type of material, design and color. 

1. Padding 

The padding is important but most people overlooked its important just to save a few dollars. Imagine the building without a strong foundation; it’s a similar concept to a carpet that should have a strong layer of padding. You might not see the padding, but after a while you will notice some extra wear and tear on the material.  

The padding is made from different materials like foam and rubber. It has a lot of benefits. It acts as insulation to the house, and absorbs the sound to eliminate the noise. It supports the carpet, preventing the fibers from tearing up.

2. Styles 

The style also matter most. There are different styles like Saxony, plush, frieze and textured. Each of these styles has different looks, to choose the best one, consider the lifestyle you have. It should match with the foot traffic your house receives. For example, the plush carpeting is inviting, soft and thick. However, other areas of the carpet might look shaded after some time. If your house has a low traffic area, the Saxony carpeting is a great option.  

The Berber carpeting is a durable type of carpet, so it works best on homes that has high-traffic areas, with kids and pets playing around. Textured carpeting is also great for high traffic areas because it “hides” dirt and tracks.  

3. Budget 

You can have a luxurious carpet without blowing your budget. Always ask the manufacturer about the carpets and discuss the kind of lifestyle you have. Each room has a suitable carpet, so you can buy affordable carpets for a low-traffic area like guest room. To keep the carpet clean, consider investing on maintenance by so the carpet looks new and fresh for the coming years.  

4. Selecting the Carpet Provider 

You can purchase the carpet from carpet store, but there are also furniture store, flooring companies and online stores that can install the carpet. Choose the carpet provider with care that specializes in carpet installation. A carpet store that sells quality carpet will give you a large selection of fiber options and styles.  

5. Maintenance Requirements 

Once the carpet is installed in your house, keep in mind that it should receive maintenance and proper cleaning techniques. Before you make a purchase, ask the salesperson or manufacturer about the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the carpet. There are carpets that need extensive maintenance and will require extra time and money.  

The type of style and material will also have a major impact on the cleaning and maintenance requirements. Don’t shy away from asking these questions so you would know how to conduct the cleaning tasks.  

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