Questions to Ask when Hiring a Landscaping Company

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It’s thrilling to imagine a landscaping project and then begin the procedure of interviewing some possible landscaping firm to make it come true. It’s a huge undertaking, whether you are constructing a new exterior living space in your yard or remodeling the front foundation of your house. Knowing how to choose the responsible and right Coeur D’ Alene Landscape Company to work with could be an overwhelming task too.

Landscaping Company

Here are several questions that you should ask when interviewing potential contractors: 

Are you licensed? 

Any company doing renovation to a property or house must have a license. For them to acquire that license, they should take an exam verifying a knowledge level and confirm that they’re insured. It’s developed to secure people from scam companies.  

In addition to that, anyone who puts fertilizer and/or pesticides to your landscape and lawn should have a license. There is a great reason for this. If not correctly applied, pesticides could be harmful to the environment, pets, and humans.  

Who Works for you? 

A significant aspect to remember is that any landscaping firm that you employ is going to have workers working around your house. How well does the company know them and how well are they selected? Are they trusted and long-time workers or do they employ day labor that they don’t know? 

How do you train your employees? 

It must be of good concern to ensure that the team members of the landscaping company are trained properly to conduct the work you’re hiring them or the outcomes can be catastrophic. There have been a lot of situations where landscaping workers doing huge damages to houses. Ensure that the landscaping firm your employ trains properly their employees. 

Do you have worker’s compensation and liability insurance? 

Did you know? If a firm doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance and one of their workers gets hurt in your home, you can be held liable. It’s the law that firms should bring worker’s compensation insurance. There is a great reason for that.  

How long have you been in the industry? 

Experience is the best teacher. A new landscaping firm might not have the experience to handle all surfaces of the work or solve an issue whenever one comes out. On the other hand, landscaping firms with experience has institutional knowledge and have knowledge on how to get the work completed and what to do if everything goes wrong. Know how long the company is in the industry and what experience they really have.  

How many workers does your firm hire? 

Having enough team members with the best set of skills and resources to perform your landscaping project is essential. Work flow must be continuous and smooth. Your landscaping project can continue for a long period of time or just run into a lot of issues if the company doesn’t have enough works or the wrong team members. Know if the firm has enough employees to get your project completed.  

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